ALPHA TURBO™ High Level Bulk Depalletizer

The Alpha Turbo™ High Level Bulk Depalletizer from Arrowhead Systems is the world’s most advanced Depalletizer offering a simple-to-use operator interface, as well as equipment and production data monitoring. With built in machine health monitoring, the Alpha Turbo™ gives users a way to monitor, in real-time, critical motion and pneumatic system parameters including airflow, pressure, vacuum, mechanical actuation speeds, and motor vibration.

System analytics and health information both local display or remote monitoring on a tablet or smartphone. This advanced computing gives operators an easily accessible tool to monitor health.

  • Speed: Process up to 10 layers per minute (depending on product)
  • Simplicity: Simple design with few parts and maintenance friendly access
  • Automation: Self diagnostics, energy monitoring, performance metrics and predictive maintenance
  • Customizable : Optional packages layout/configurations available
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End Product Details

Bottles, Cans

Non-Round, Round


Aluminum, Composite Product, Glass, Plastic, Steel

Standard Equipment Specifications

Control Voltage:
24 VDC

Electrial Power:

Machine Speed (SPM):
10 (pending container profile)

Maximum Load Height, Inches (mm):
110 (2790)

Maximum Load Weight, Pounds (kg):
Up to 4,000 Lbs.

Standard Pallet Size Inches (mm):
44 x 56 (1120 x 1420)

Optional Pallet Width Range, Inches (mm):
40 (1000)

Optional Pallet Length Range, Inches (mm):
48 (1200)

Minimum Pallet Conveyor TOC, Inches (mm):
12 (304)

Standard Tin Line (TL), Inches (mm):
13 (3962)


1 Year Warranty


Alternate Tin Line and Top of Chain configurations
Electrical Power: 575V, 400V
Main Hoist Drawer: For capture of fallen containers
Quick Mechanical Adjustments
Second layer stabilization