Thermal Testing Lab

The Thermal Test Facility here at Arrowhead Systems was designed and created in order to simulate real world applications of thermal processes. With the ability to simulate a wide range of applications we can not only size units as accurately as possible but research ways to further optimize our equipment. Using data collection in conjunction with machine learning, the lab will assist in development of machine water reduction methods, increased thermal efficiencies and the implementation of new technologies and control methods.

The Test Tunnel in the lab simulates product motion through one of Arrowhead’s thermal processes by moving it back and forth through a series of nozzles that are chosen to fit each application. This movement allows for a more averaged and realistic spray pattern than that of a stationary product, giving more precise results. The temperature of the product being tested is read by high end wireless thermal data loggers. These data loggers are capable of accuracy of +/- 0.05 degrees Celsius and transmit data in real time to a computer. The internal electronics are sealed in heat and moisture resistant material. This allows for exposure temperatures between -58 and 302 degrees Fahrenheit.

Due to the robust water processing capabilities, the Test tunnel is able to swing the temperature of the spray water to simulate hot hold zones, glass tempering zones or pasteurization heat up and cool-down. The water processing system employs two intelligent mixing valves capable of adjusting the flow of two water sources to blend water at a given temperature. Using a high-speed microcomputer, they are capable of adjusting flow from both sources 60 times a second to maintain temperature within 0.2 degree Fahrenheit. This allows for accurate water temperatures which yield accurate test results.

With our integrated data collection unit, we are monitoring data related to the pump impeller, motors, nozzles and chain. We are monitoring this data to better understand wear and failure. Using this data, we strive to predict when and why components fail. With this understanding, we hope to prevent downtime, increase thermal and hydraulic efficiency and increase overall machine longevity.

  • Production Environment: Test actual product with production equipment
  • Turnaround: Faster turnaround of quoting/sizing of equipment
  • Accuracy: More accurate sizing & pricing to provide the best footprint for your application
  • Cost: Less upfront cost
  • Reduction: Less energy and water usage
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